Food Safety Policy

LA CASA DE LOS AROMAS is a company dedicated to the selection, preparation and packaging of saffron. Our main philosophy, as a saffron company in Spain, is to continue working directly with producers, in order that saffron can reach consumers in a more direct and natural way, maintaining all its characteristics and qualities.

We are aware of the importance of offering the customer products of the highest quality and safety for the consumer, we have chosen to implement and maintain a Food Safety Management System according to the requirements of the FSSC 22000 standard, which will effectively integrate into its management system, contributing to the establishment and development of a continuous improvement process.

The quality and safety policy of our company is based on the following guidelines:

  1. Satisfy our customers and consumers, meeting and exceeding as far as possible, their requirements and needs, always based on providing them with safe and quality products.
  2. Promote continuous improvement of the Food Safety Management System, seeking to increase the quality of our products and improve the efficiency and safety of our processes.
  3. Follow the current applicable legislation in order that our products have the legal support of food safety, as well as, fulfill the requirements expressed by our clients and those requirements that the company subscribes to guarantee the quality and safety of the products produced.
  4. Train and sensitize all the organization's staff in quality aspects and especially in the handling of food through Good Practices in Food Safety, so that it becomes a correct development of all the activities carried out.
  5. Provide the necessary resources so that the equipment and facilities guarantee the safety of the products supplied.
  6. Promote a fluid, effective and adequate communication with our suppliers, customers, organization's staff and other pertinent interested parties, especially in subjects related to food safety.
This policy is approved by the company management. Periodic reviews are carried out to ensure it is continued adequacy. Finally, it is made public by placing it in visible places to all the organization's staff and visits to the production center, and making it available to any entity that requests it.